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Basic: write, convert, or otherwise get a native tcp/ip stack for MorphOS.

Bounty In Progress: Sources are available from CVS soon. (note $500 paid for cvs release).

Long: Connectivity to the internet. Compatible with applications using BSDSocket.library. Must support DHCP, have a MUI or other GUI that includes all necessary classes or use default MorphOS 1.4.5 classes. Networking protocoll can be a port of an existing project from another platform, a port from AROS, or even a whole new project.

Licensing: Can be GPL, LGPL, or Freeware with code donated to MZBounties.

Donations: Voyager Friendly Donation Button:

Known Issues: Bounty fund raising, programming, and release must occur as quickly as possible, as MorphOS 1.5 is scheduled to include TCP/IP.

Since the normal rules for donations aren't completed, they have been paraphrased here for you convenience.


Tom Duin ($640.00), Stefan Brodin ($200.00), RMS ($170.00), Genesi ($150.00), Robin Hueskes ($95.00), STANY VAN ROMPAEY ($75.00), Salvatore Salis ($30.00), Gerd Kautzmann ($25.00), Jochen Rhein ($25.00), Steve Hodson ($25.00), Alkis Tsapanidis ($20.00), Andreas Buttgereit ($20.00), Stefan Blixth ($20.00), Nels Andersen ($20.00), Cor van Londen ($20.00), Daniel Miller ($16.85), Thomas Leiss ($12.00), Ayodele Stephenson ($11.11), Andreas Schwarz ($10.00), Krzysztof Duchnowski ($10.00), Joel Knight ($10.00), Sami Erikkila ($10.00), Mahendra Tallur ($10.00), Joanna Kurki ($10.00), thibaut jeanson ($5.00)




January 1, 2003

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