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Formerly known as ezPM.

License: should be open source, check sourceforge.


To install and update applications MorphOS users have very often to visit several different sites, download, extract and install (sometimes manually) files (Eg MUI classes, libraries). It is time consuming and can lead to system instability.

Summary: A package management system capable of installing, updating and verifying MorphOS components and applications.


Details: The package management is made of two parts:

The package generator (MUI)

  • No server software running, the packages and their index can be hosted on any http server.
  • Simple way to select files to be packaged, assign installation paths and generate file index and (compressed) packages.
  • Option to distribute only part of the packages (to save bandwidth).

The package installer (MUI)

  • The preferences should include options to connect to different package servers, a path for: old files (for restore), default work path (EG: WORK:)
  • Upon connection display what .packages. are available on a server
  • Be able to select which of the packages you want to be checked every time you connect to this server (on the first connection to the server and every time a server has a new package available).
  • The client will be able to compare server (just with downloading index file) and local file version (if avail), size, last modification date and offer safeguards before installing files.
  • Checksum check integrity of downloaded files. Files to be replaced will be moved to a .old files. directory.
  • Logs files for installation / possible errors

Provisions for:

Package generator:
Be able to index content of existing archives from url (eg Index some aminet archives).

  • Package installer
  • Being able to uninstall a package.
  • Being able to check integrity of MOSSYS: and display differences if found.
  • Being able to schedule the client to run automatically



todi ($100.00), RMS ($50.00), roschmyr ($50.00), saragaglia ($35.00), weiseb ($35.00), pegasosuser ($35.00), cdfr ($30.00), Senex ($25.00), jchap ($25.00), schaechtelin ($20.00), Golem ($20.00), DrB ($10.00), guruman ($10.00), BatteMan ($10.00), Mahendra ($10.00), josemrm ($6.00), realstar ($6.00), RELEC Software ($5.00)




December 31, 2008

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