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License: freeware, closed source, source donated to MorphOS Development Team


Main goal for this tool is to make the filesystem useable again, if it was damaged by a system or application crash. Using this tool you would not need to reformat partition on every filesystem error. There is also a possibility to recover lost files to the same or another disk.

This tool will not do any miracles. It can recover lost files if they are lost because of quick format or serious damage in directory tree and/or data (extents) tree structure. However if a file is lost because it has been
automatically deleted from ".recycled" directory, it is probably lost forever, because SFS removes from the disk all information about such file.

This tool does not try to fix particular error in disk structure. Instead it scans disk for files and then creates all filesystem structures and directory tree from scratch, keeping blocks allocated by all files safe and

Screenshot is available here:

- check partitions for errors
- create backup of filesystem meta-data
- find lost files
- recover files to another disk
- repair (rebuild) damaged partition
- can continue from backup file if the rebuild process has been interrupted
- nice MUI gui
- MorphOS native

Right now the filesystem rebuild engine is ready. Also lost files finding engine is almost ready, but needs a lot of testing. I'm also working on MUI gui (partially done, lacks file selecting module). Then I will work on
filesystem integrity check module.

Beta testing:
Because this tool modifies disk structure it need to be really carefully tested before it is made public. I will need a few brave people, who will do the tests. Right now 3 people are known to succesfully reapair their disk with alpha version of this tool.


Tom Duin ($155.00), Sebastian Weimer ($105.77), Mahendra Tallur ($38.00), Gerd Kautzmann (xfer from SFSSalv upd) ($30.00), mahen ($25.00), Cor van Londen ($20.00), Jochen Rhein ($20.00), Christoph Poelzl ($20.00), Steven Vos ($15.00), Salvatore Salis ($15.00), Andreas Schwarz ($5.00)




January 1, 2003

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