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Overview: Basically as configurable as MUICON, SSHCON has some additional tweaks making it easier to operate in xterm compatable environments. It also features a server address book that can store your passwords and has all the great things of the upcoming MUICON - page drag & drop and search functions. New PowerTerm version allows it to fully utilise xterm capabilities such as screen swap, mouse tracking or utf8 handling (with ttengine.library by Grzegorz Kraszewski).

Updates & More: This project includes more than just the working environment for SSH, there will also be included the latest PowerTerm and a new ixemul.library with tty fixes by jacadcaps. The goal has been reached, and the first five donors have been sent an early beta for testing. All donors will recieve a "donor beta" when the package is ready for more extensive testing (about Aug 3). The actual release is not on a time-schedule as of yet, but the goal has been met and a release will happen at some point before the end of fall. Donations will remain open, as the author has indicated that development would be expadited should enough donations mount up.

The webmaster would like to express a special thank-you to 'pegasosuser' who went out of his way to make an extra donation to push the donation amount for this project above the set goal.

Licensing: Freeware, closed source.


weiseb ($70.00), Robin ($60.00), roschmyr ($50.00), pegasosuser ($48.85), RMS ($25.00), todi ($20.00), cdfr ($20.00), Lizard ($10.00), saragaglia ($10.00), Targhan ($10.00), Ingo Schmitz ($5.00), analogkid ($5.00)




January 1, 2003

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